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DANIEL J Vernon McGee

captive to Babylon; his decision to be true to God, Chapter 1 B. Dream of Nebuchadnezzar about a multimetallic image; interpretation by Daniel concerning the …

1 2 SAMUEL J Vernon McGee

1 SAMUEL COMMENT: I. SAMUEL: God’s prophet, priest, and judge, Chapters 1 — 8 Chapter 1 — This First Book of Samuel opens with a cry of a godly

September 21 2014 Church of Christ the King

Bishop Serratelli’s Prayer For Those Persecuted in the Middle East O God, Father of all and lover of peace, Through the intercession of Saint Michael, the

GOD S SIMPLE PLAN OF 75 Lifegate Inc

The 75th Anniversary of God’s Simple Plan of Salvation marked a wonderful milestone of God’s grace. Here are a few of the testimonies and remarks

Fayette County Church Directory

Fayette County Church Directory Please submit any changes in writing to: [email protected] This information was compiled from many lists and …

Introduction to an Exegesis of the Bible

Links to Doctrines to the Introduction to the Bible Jesus Rises from the Dead and Sits at the Right Hand of the Father God Will Forgive Us; Salvation is by Faith in

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