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Daily Love: Growing into Grace

Wednesday, August 20th 2014.
Author: Mastin Kipp
Publisher: Hay House, Inc. (September 9, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN/ASIN: 140194227X

Daily Love: Growing into Grace

When Mastin Kipp discovered himself at all-time low—addicted to drugs and parties, residing in his ex-lady friend\’s parents\’ tiny pool home, jobless, and with nowhere to go—he regarded to the divine for assist. What he found took him in an entirely new route. He moved from a existence full of the excesses of Hollywood as a manager within the song trade, to one instructing in regards to the energy of self-acceptance and service. To spread the love past his personal circle, Mastin started his Twitter account, @TheDailyLove, which now has more than half one million followers, and his fashionable web page, TheDailyLove.com, which options contributors from many walks of lifestyles—from Russell Simmons to Wayne Dyer.
Now, Mastin has written a e book in line with his non secular experiences to encourage other younger seekers to find their very own paths. In daily Love, Mastin shares some of his non-public tales of darkness and light, embracing all of them as part of his journey to becoming who he in point of fact is. He also speaks of various religious leaders who have influenced his lifestyles, such as Joseph Campbell, Caroline Myss, Tony Robbins, George Lucas, Oprah, his oldsters and Jenna (his girlfriend). thru special bills of more than a few non secular rules introduced by these teachers, Mastin shares how his inspirations and mentors have helped to guide him to success and self-discovery. With the signature voice of TheDailyLove.com and Mastin’s youthful and engaging spirit, readers acquire a brand new viewpoint on what it way to be religious for the subsequent generation.

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