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M OTOR’s Mastering the Basics series has looked at dif-ferent aspects of ignition trou-bleshooting sev-eral times in past issues. Two years ago,

April 2007 No 246 Rifle Magazine

$4.99 U.S./$5.99 Canada April 2007 No. 246 Rifle Magazine Presents - HANDLOADER Printed in USA 0 74808 01240 4 04 $4.99US $5.99CAN

August 2008 No 254 Rifle Magazine

$5.99 U.S./Canada August 2008 No. 254 Rifle Magazine Presents - HANDLOADER Printed in USA 7 25274 01240 4 08 $5.99

Bioreactions Clarkson University

and certain sugars and organic acids. Frequently, the activi-ty and desired selectivity occur in a substantially smaller range of conditions than are present in ...

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