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3. THE GARDEN OF EDEN (GENESIS 2:8-17) 1/2 MEMORY VERSE: "The LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed."


Genesis Bible Prophecy Fulfilled

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth. 1:2 Now the earth was formless and void. Darkness was on the surface of the deep.


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Garden of Eden Location WHERE IS THE GARDEN OF EDEN? It’s buried under Lebanon …see Ezekiel 31, verses 9 & 16 being the key verses. Verse 3: ‘Behold …


Adam and Eve Free Sunday School Curriculum

Adam and Eve Genesis 2:4-25 Craft/Activity: Clay Adam and Eve Students will make Adam and Eve out of clay to remind them that God created Adam and Eve.


NAB The New American Bible El Camino Santiago

10A river rises in Eden to water the garden; beyond there it divides and becomes four branches. 11The name of the first is the Pishon; it is the one that winds ...


Bible Study Notes on Genesis 1 11

1 Bible Study Notes on Genesis 1-11 Ed Knorr’s Bible study notes, used for in-home Bible Studies during 2003-2004, with minor updates thereafter.


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