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The Martian: A Novel

Wednesday, February 12th 2014.
Author: Andy Weir
Publisher: Crown (February 11, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN/ASIN: 0804139024

The Martian: A Novel
Six days in the past, astronaut Mark Watney became probably the most first individuals to walk on Mars.

Now, he’s positive he’ll be the first person to die there.

After a dust storm virtually kills him and forces his crew to evacuate whereas thinking him lifeless, Mark finds himself stranded and entirely alone with no technique to even sign Earth that he’s alive—and even supposing he may get word out, his supplies would be gone long sooner than a rescue could arrive.

likelihood is, although, he will not have time to starve to death. The damaged equipment, unforgiving atmosphere, or plain-old “human error” are much more likely to kill him first.

however Mark isn’t ready to surrender but. Drawing on his ingenuity, his engineering skills—and a relentless, dogged refusal to end—he steadfastly confronts one reputedly insurmountable hindrance after the subsequent. Will his resourcefulness be enough to beat the impossible odds in opposition to him?

eight guidelines for Surviving on Mars

So you wish to have to continue to exist Mars. perhaps it’s the rugged terrain, stunning scenery, or huge natural landscape that appeals to you. Or maybe you’re just a lunatic who wants to continue to exist in a dull barren barren region. whatever your causes, there are a few things you should be aware of:

1: You’re going to want a power vessel.

Mars’s atmospheric pressure is less than one p.c of Earth’s. So basically, it’s nothing. Being on the skin of Mars is nearly the same as being in deep house. You higher convey a pleasant, sturdy container to carry air in. through the way, this will likely be your own home endlessly. So try to make it as giant as that you may.

2: You’re going to need oxygen.

you almost certainly plan to breathe all over your stay, so you’ll wish to have one thing in that pressure vessel. fortuitously, which you can get this from Mars itself. The atmosphere may be very thin, but it is existing and it’s virtually totally carbon dioxide. there are many tips on how to strip the carbon off carbon dioxide and liberate the oxygen. it’s good to have complicated mechanical oxygenators or you might want to just develop some plants.

three: You’re going to need radiation shielding.

Earth’s liquid core gives it a magnetic box that protects us from lots of the nasty crap the solar pukes out at us. Mars has no such luxury. All kinds of sun radiation will get to the skin. until you’re a fan of most cancers, you’re going to need your accommodations to be radiation-shielded. one of the best ways to do this is to bury your base in Martian sand and rocks. They’re now not exactly in short provide, so which you can simply make the pile deeper and deeper until it’s blocking sufficient.

four: You’re going to need water.

again, Mars offers. The Curiosity probe lately discovered that Martian soil has a substantial amount of ice in it. About 35 liters per cubic meter. All you wish to do is scoop it up, heat it, and pressure out the water. after getting a excellent provide, a easy distillery will can help you reuse it over and over.

5: You’re going to need food.

simply consume Martians. They taste like hen.

6: Oh, come on.

All right, all right. meals is the one thing you want that can’t be present in abundance on Mars. You’ll have to grow it your self. however you’re in good fortune, because Mars is if truth be told a good location for a greenhouse. The day/evening cycle is nearly identical to Earth’s, which Earth crops developed to optimize for. And the entire sun power hitting the surface is enough for his or her needs.

but that you may’t just develop plants on the freezing, close to-vacuum surface. You’ll want a force container for them as neatly. And that one might have to be pretty giant. just recall to mind how so much food you devour in a 12 months and picture how much area it takes to grow it.

Hope you love potatoes. They’re the most effective calorie yield per land house.

7: You’re going to need vitality.

then again you place things up, it received’t be a self-contained machine. among different issues, you’ll want to take care of heating your own home and greenhouse. Mars’s moderate daily temperature is -50C (-58F), so it’ll be a continual power drain to maintain heat. not to point out the opposite lifestyles support methods, most notably your oxygenator. And if you’re pondering your greenhouse will maintain the ambiance in steadiness, assume again. A biosphere is far too risky on this scale.

eight: You’re going to need a reason to be there.

Why exit of your approach to chance your existence? Do you want to review the planet itself? begin your own civilization? take advantage of local instruments for profit? Make a base with an immense dying ray so that you could deal with the UN while carrying an ominous mask and demand ransom? no matter your intention is, you higher have it lovely well defined, and also you better really mean it. as a result of in any case, Mars is a harsh, unhealthy location and if something goes flawed you’ll have no hope of rescue. no matter your cause is, it better be value it.

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