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The Widow File

Wednesday, January 15th 2014.
Author: S.G. Redling
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer (January 1, 2014)
Language: English

The Widow File
Dani, a knowledge analyst with an elite security firm, possesses the unnerving potential to learn individuals by means of the trash they depart behind. Receipts, parking tickets, the detritus of daily lifestyles—in the event you go away it in the back of, she’s going to determine you out.

Her latest case entails high-tech industrial espionage at an organization with ties to the defense force. but when a workforce of assassins sweeps throughout the firm, stealing all information and killing her coworkers, Dani narrowly escapes. Whoever ordered the strike thinks Dani has important knowledge and they put successful man named Booker on her trail.

Armed with only her wits and a bag of random investigation supplies, Dani should figure out who the enemy truly is while taking part in a high-stakes recreation of cat and mouse with the cunning hit man who has an agenda of his own.

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