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Fifth Avenue Style

Friday, January 31st 2014.
Author: Howard Slatki
Publisher: Vendome Press (October 15, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN/ASIN: 0865652899

Fifth Avenue Style

Howard Slatkin’s philosophy is that a house will have to be a deeply personal refuge that provides pleasure and comfort. focusing on his personal masterfully imagined Fifth Avenue rental, Slatkin demonstrates how any space can achieve a level of sophisticated calm via careful lighting fixtures and ground planning, artful arrangement of furniture, and decorative shows. in this gorgeously illustrated volume, Slatkin, an inside dressmaker and founder of the iconic home-heady scent and lifestyle model Slatkin & Co., shares his sensible—and ceaselessly ingenious—methods for growing distinctive, personal rooms that are comfortable and useful in addition to beautiful, and divulges his secrets to unique without problems and flair. Slatkin displays how rooms will have to float naturally, the right way to create an intimate feeling, and find ingenious options for turning awkward areas and obstacles into assets.

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